French cuisine: 10 traditional recipes

Let’s admit that when it comes to gastronomy, French cuisine has some serious assets (a little self-congratulation has never hurt anyone 🙂 !

From dishes simmered by the fireplace in our ancestors’ homes to bistro recipes and the stoves of the greatest chefs, French cuisine is renowned throughout the world.

Here is a small tour (very small compared to the number of French specialties that we could have put in) of the traditional recipes of French cuisine to make your mouth water and move your taste buds.

To you French cuisine, go to the ovens!

A melting meat, a soft purĂ©e, that’s what makes the charm of the Parmentier minced meat. In an express, vegetarian version, with spinach, pumpkin or duck, it is always a success.

Any leftover stew? Stuffed tomatoes naturally invite themselves to the table! Here’s to you Tomatoes stuffed with stew Tomatoes stuffed with meat (beef, pork, and veal)Tomatoes stuffed with eggsTomatoes stuffed with goat and chicken Quick a recipe for stuffing!

He’s a real fillet mignon in a crust every time! Adopt it, it’s only waiting for one thing, to delight you! Personalise it by adding fromage frais or a more mature cheese, mushrooms or even smoked salmon.

A good little leg of lamb from behind the bundles to treat young and old alike… the must? It’s hard to choose between ultra-melting meat cooked for several hours or a weeping leg of lamb that is going to come and baste a bed of potatoes… MIAM ! Also try the leg of lamb with string, leg of lamb with coarse salt, or leg of lamb with spices.

How about a good stew? A fragrant broth, tasty vegetables, tender meat… say no more, I salivate in advance, don’t you? Quickly, devour the pot-au-feu file to make it a success every time, discover how to do it differently and how to use the leftovers! Quickly some recipes to make right away :Pot-au-feuPot-au-feu of foie grasPot-au-feu Spanish (cocido)

And how about a potted chicken? I don’t say no, I love it :-)Try it with tarragon or stuffed with ham (the hen, not the pot).

Eggs, shortcrust pastry, cream, cheese and bacon are all you need to make a good Lorraine quiche.

A dessert has gone astray just to make your mouth water. The cherry clafoutis is a must in summer! With sour cherries or fleshy black cherries, it is always a delight. Some people prefer it with a lot of fruit and very little paste, for others it’s the other way around… and you, what do you prefer? Do you prefer it with other fruits? It is no longer a clafoutis but a flognarde. Sweet interlude over, return to salty, you will find all your favourite desserts a little further on 🙂

Braised beef, red wine, herbs, slow cooking in a cast-iron casserole… stew is a whole program and the promise of tender and tasty meat. Try: Beef shank stew. Beef stew Ă  la provençale – Beef stew in white wine

A good veal blanquette, here’s a good idea for next Sunday! And for the following Sunday, we start again but with camembert to change or oyster mushrooms because it’s the season and it’s good, or vanilla to impress the guests!

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