As of today, probably everyone knows that TikTok is a video-sharing app where users create short videos called and share them with their friends. It’s emerging as the leading social media platform and has become an integral part of our daily lives, mainly young adults. TikTok has become increasingly popular among young adults, especially college students.

But did you know that it contains all sorts of content and trends? Two major trends have been growing in popularity.

  • Adult content, which has inspired other platforms for gathering such evolution and by providing porn on tik tok kind of videos.
  • And recipes! Yes, food and gastronomy are major trends these days in the platform.

If you have ever been to France, or are a fan of French cuisine, for sure that you might have been lost between the Bistro, Brasserie, Café… troquet, boui-boui, bouchon and even more terms…so many options where you can eat and/or drink in France that it gets confusing! To answer these questions, we’ll need to look at some differences between them. Let’s make clearer the differences between the types of French restaurants.  Brasserie A brasserie is an establishment that serves
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Let’s admit that when it comes to gastronomy, French cuisine has some serious assets (a little self-congratulation has never hurt anyone 🙂 ! From dishes simmered by the fireplace in our ancestors’ homes to bistro recipes and the stoves of the greatest chefs, French cuisine is renowned throughout the world. Here is a small tour (very small compared to the number of French specialties that we could have put in) of the traditional recipes of French cuisine to make your
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